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Place an order for your copy of ‘CareerToolkit: For Successful Job Hunting’ and benefit from first-hand information that will assist your quest to start a career or change your career path.

The book CareerToolkit, has a unique set of tools including negotiating a winning employment contract, navigating illegal interview questions, choosing appropriate attire for attending interviews as well as tools for preparing a professional resume or writing the dreaded employment application or cover letter.

The book is also supported by live career coaching and counselling sessions, mock interviews and short training programmes on soft skills for effective social networking and leading teams.

Get access to cutting edge training in soft skills such as leadership, proposal writing, sales pitching, customer service excellence, managing time, and conflict management skills building.  Get corporate training in more complex subject matter such as Corporate Governance Mechanisms, Leading and Managing Boards, Developing Organisational Policies, Managing Organisational Risk and other executive management programmes.  Also available are more technical areas such as dealing with workplace sexual harassment, Employment Law and Compliance, Effective Supervision and Leadership, Building and Driving Teams Effectively in competitive environments etc.  All these sets of programmes will sharpen your team for result oriented outcomes and productivity. Start early. Start Today.

Senyo is a charismatic and passionate international speaker on career, workplace security, employment law and policy development and workplace sexual harassment and compliance as well as co related subject matter.  Participating in several HRM and Corporate Governance conferences, Senyo M. Adjabeng is an experienced speaker and engages audiences across the world with shear knowledge and practicality in his fields of expertise. Don’t regret your decision later.

If you want to experience first-hand how it feels to face an interview panel in various kinds of interview situations including pressure interviews.  Book an appointment and let’s prepare you for that dream interview.

Get practical coaching sessions to manage unique workplace challenges.  Book an appointment and let’s talk to resolve your personal workplace troubles. There’s solution to your problems.

For graduates from tertiary institutions who need assistance in kickstarting a career plan and for employees who seek to have a career change, contact us and let’s help you work towards that dream job or personal business.

Is anything bothering you and hindering your personal career development? Is there a workplace problem you want to talk about or resolve?  Are you going through sexually related harassment or bullying in the workplace and need professional help?  Contact us for that professional solution. End your workplace problems today.

Contact us to help develop a winning corporate strategy or review existing strategy in line with competitive and new business trends

For solutions to your employment and labour challenges, worker strikes or emergency workplace disputes management intervention, call for professional workplace solutions and advise now.

For organisational restructuring process management, workforce management in mergers and acquisitions or business-operation shutdowns, contact us for assistance now.

For the past twelve (12) years, we have assisted many individuals and organisations resolve their disputes through Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) mechanisms as neutral third parties.  Do you have a commercial dispute, labour and employment dispute, construction dispute or any dispute that contractually requires you to settle by Mediation or Arbitration, then Contact us for your Private Mediation and Arbitration (PriMA®) processes.

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